I’m a believer in the rule of threes and this week we’ve been blessed with three counts of incredible kindness which are all connected to my lovely Mum & Dad (aka The Senior Hamms) Those who know me will know what an incredibly close family we are and just how much they mean to me.

They are the most fantastic parents anyone could wish for. I wanted to share these little stories of loveliness with you. 

My Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s back in September 2014. It was absolutely devastating news for the whole family. We’re a tough and tight bunch and with the help of humour, love & compassion we’re getting through this challenging time. We’ve been so lucky to be able to rely on the support of so many of our friends and family, but this week has been especially heartwarming with three examples of gorgeous people just being ACE. 

1. Water

When the Seniors had a problem with their downstairs loo flush not working properly earlier this week, they were visited by the friendliest plumber who not only helped them but didn’t charge them a penny either.

“Call it my good deed of the day!” was his beautiful response. 

I know, right? This is the stuff of fairy tales…yes, lovely kind plumbers exist who work free of charge. We know. We’ve met him. 

2. Fire 

The battery in their upstairs smoke alarm was beeping constantly & driving my parents mad, especially my Dad who can get quite fretful with uncertainty and change. They called me after having a sleepless night to see if I could go over to help replace it. Scared of ladders (I know…I’m a giant wuss) I popped in to our local fire station for a bit of advice on where best to put it. After explaining our situation, I was soon heading to my parents’ house with a friendly Fireman in a van following behind me. Not only did he replace the smoke alarm but carried out an assessment of their home & offered some really helpful fire safety advice. 

Dafydd from South Wales Fire saved the day! Such a kind and lovely thing to do, he really reassured the Seniors and made them feel safe again (as well as stopping “that bloody beeping!”)…and the extra bonus….I didn’t have to go up a ladder. Win. 

3. Time

I was chatting with some friends at the weekend about how cool the Alzheimer’s Day clock is & how we really needed to get one for my Dad. Time is something that he really struggles with – he gets confused between night & day and often gets up in the middle of the night to get dressed and “go to work”. My poor Mum has to patiently remind him that it’s night time and get him back to bed. Similarly he gets confused with which day of the week it is. The Alzheimer’s Clock recognises that this is something that lots of people living with dementia have trouble with & really simply displays easy-read messages like “It is Monday morning” that are timed to change automatically. It was only mentioned briefly in conversation with my friends and then today this mystery package arrived….



Can you believe that there is such kindness? I was overwhelmed & so emotional. My parents were thrilled & know that this will make such a difference to their day-to-day (and most importantly night-to-night) lives. I am just astounded and so grateful to be blessed with such amazing people in my life. I will forever be thankful to the incredible Toni and Matt. Just gorgeous, lovely humans. Look at my Dad’s face! He’s so happy with his surprise present. 

This post was a way for me to say THANK YOU and also serve as a massive reminder that there ARE kind people in our world. Really really kind people who go out of their way to fix a loo for free, fit a smoke alarm or buy a surprise gift that will change lives. We are truly blessed and if I ever lose sight of that for any reason, I’m going to re-read this post and remember just how grateful I’m feeling right now in this moment. 

Kindness is one of the most powerful things we’ve got, sharing it as much as we can is a choice we can all make. 

Always choose to be kind – it will never be forgotten x 


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