We’re rewinding back to the 90’s for today’s post. I was 15 and being cool was everything. Britpop was at the height of its popularity and I had just made the monumental discovery that I could get into gigs at Cardiff Uni’s Student Union. This was my £8 ticket to cool.

I saw Menswe@r at one of these gigs and have very fond memories of feeling quite grown up and achingly independent. (Incidentally my very first introduction to the @ symbol…who knew how popular that little guy would eventually get, eh?)

With hindsight, the other gig-goers were probably wondering “Who let the kids in?” and no doubt my Ma & Pa were worried sick. I was happily oblivious!

I also bought the coolest t-shirt at this gig which was subsequently stolen from my mum’s washing line. Devastated. I’ve been desperate to find a replacement ever since, which has so far been a fruitless mission.

Dig out your adidas gazelles & practise toe-gazing.

Enjoy x

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