Long before Robin Thicke became all greasy & butt-grabby & unpopular, he appeared on Oprah and performed this song.

I fell in love. Not necessarily with Mr Thicke (goatees have never really hit my spot) but with his beautiful lyrics. Words & feelings I really connected with, especially at a time when I was really struggling to be something I wasn’t.

We tend to connect music to moments in our life, and this for me is linked to a complicated relationship which I now realise was complicated simply because it just wasn’t right.  

No regrets, just a beautiful song.

Enjoy x  

One thought on “Complicated

  1. Lovely post. I love how music is a fast-track to the memory banks. A song I heard the other day transported me so quickly to something I’d forgotten, it was almost like time travelling. 🙂

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