Z is for….



Just like last year.

I briefly mentioned this particular book in last year’s Z post as Zaftig is my favourite term for my personal largesse.

It’s also the name of this marvellously rudie book and as this year’s theme has been books that have influenced my life, it simply had to be this one.

Sit down, this may shock you…fat people have sex. I know. *clutches pearls* Not just any old sex…but juicy, fleshy, delicious sex. This book refreshingly features erotic stories starring both women and men who happen to have larger bodies. It is brilliant.

It is also missing. If you’re reading this ex-lover (you know who you are) I’d really like it back please. Thanks.

That’s it! Another April A to Z blog challenge completed! And on a rudie note too…YES!

Thanks if you’ve followed, commented, liked or read any of my posts. It really is appreciated! And if you’d like to try any of the books I’ve mentioned this month, I’ll be posting a complete A to Z reading list tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Thanks lovely people! X

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