Q is for Quick Reads


Technically a cheat on this tricky letter Q…but these Quick Reads titles are a bit blooming brilliant and I’ve discovered loads of new favourite authors by picking up one of these ‘pocket money’ titles. Linwood Barclay is a prime example.

I picked this up just before a train journey for less than the price of a cuppa and by the time I’d got to Bristol I was a new fan and determined to read everything else he has ever written. (I since have)

I used to hate novellas. By the time you’ve settled in and feel you’re getting to know the characters then oh, it’s over. But good ones, really good ones, time it perfectly and just leave you wanting more. In a good way.

Try a Quick Read. Like literary tapas.


8 thoughts on “Q is for Quick Reads

  1. I like quick reads, hence I love reading so many on wordpress i hardly get time to actually post myself hehe. i might try this one though. Hello also from another a-z blogger, how are you getting on with it all? Wow it’s nearly over boohoo

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