Matilda – Roald Dahl


If you don’t love Matilda, I might have to question if you have a heart.

Who can fail to fall in love with the adorable little girl who escapes her life by diving into book after book after book? Her voracious appetite for knowledge and stories allowing her to disappear into faraway lands.

I didn’t have an awful existence to escape, but I did love the possibilities and adventures that books brought into my life.

I remember the day my primary school telephoned my mum. You can imagine her reaction – “Oh no, what has she done?”

“Mrs H, you’re going to have to take your daughter to the local library. She has read every single book we have in school.”

Yup. I had. Even the boring ones. Even the ridiculous ones about engines and ghosts and how plants grow. I couldn’t get enough.

My tastes have become slightly more refined these days but that crazy appetite for books is still there. Hence my A to Z theme this year I guess.

My Mum took me to the local library and I loved it! Still do. And the school library made me a librarian (proudest day) Who else knew so much about the contents of the shelves? I was like a human Amazon recommendation back when the Amazon was only a river.

I wish I could find the yellow librarian badge to show you…I know I still have it somewhere.

Way cooler than a Blue Peter badge. I got to stamp stuff.

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