Love Letters of Great Men


This book is completely gorgeous and is lovely to dip into for a big dollop of good old fashioned romance.

If like me, you’re a giant swoonbag, you will love being transported to the time when gentlemen wrote love letters to their sweethearts and will adore their beautiful use of language to express their deepest feelings.

Sadly a dying artform.

I fear a modern version of this book would be a collection of Skype sext screenshots.

Not quite the same.


4 thoughts on “Love Letters of Great Men

  1. LoL I don’t think romance is dead… but definitely different these days. That’s a fantastic example you’ve shared there though. Oh, Oscar… *sigh*

  2. I have this book! My favourite is the Mark Twain one i think!
    I was just thinking about the dying art form of romance a minute ago, in relation to Mix Tapes though – which is what the love letter became in the 90s I think πŸ™‚
    What do teenagers even do now?

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