Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert


Eat. Yes. Lots.
Pray. Sometimes. Mainly when looking for a car parking space.
Love. Yes. Everyone. In abundance. All the time.

This book first hit every sense and then jiggled it about and made me want to change stuff and travel more.

I loved it.

8 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

  1. Hi! Visitor also doing A to Z.

    I’ve hear a lot about this book but haven’t read it yet either. You seem really fond of it though so maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  2. I have put off reading this because I’ve heard so many mixed reviews. Did you see the movie? Is the book better? If you’ve chosen it for one that had a huge impact on your life, that is a pretty hefty recommendation. Perhaps I’ll give it a whirl. Gail

  3. A book I’ve read!
    I read this so long ago i can’t even remember why i picked it up but it changed my perspective.
    I think the movie is a beautiful imagining of the book, but the books amazing

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