Buddy’s Song – Nigel Hinton


For most of 1991, Chesney Hawkes was the centre of my universe. Those chocolate brown eyes, floppy blonde hair and dazzling smile was enough to make an 11 year old welsh girl fall head over heels.

My bedroom walls were plastered in posters, my Walkman played his album on a loop (only pausing to turn over to Side B) and I counted down the days until his One and Only concert in Newport. (I threw a bag of flying saucer sweets at him on stage after reading in Fast Forward magazine that they were his favourite. It could have been disastrous, but having a hot blonde older sister came in very handy when she managed to blag us backstage to meet my idol. Speech. Less.)

Anyhow, back to the book….

Buddy’s Song (the movie and it’s accompanying soundtrack) launched Chesser’s career. If you haven’t seen it, you have definitely missed out on a piece of cinematic amazingness.

1. Chesney takes his top off
2. Chesney cries
3. Chesney has a fight
4. Chesney has sex
5. Chesney rocks

Because of Liza Walker’s boobage, the movie was rated 12 so I had to tell a teeny lie to get to see it in the cinema. Totally worth getting busted for I’d say.

The book, which the movie was based on is lovely. A heartfelt tale of parental separation, rock bands and living with a lip mole. (maybe two out of those three)

I must have read it, and the song lyrics about a hundred times.

Get some popcorn and coloured denim….watch the movie here

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