R is for Reading

I have Literary ADD. I simply cannot read one book at a time. It is a curse.

My bedside resembles a library counter, with a heap of varied tomes from gardening manuals to racy fiction via murder mysteries, likely to topple at any moment. I envy people who can pick up a book, read it AND finish it before they start another. This must be such a wonderfully ordered, incredibly self-restrained way to live.

Me? Greedy guts over here finds a new wordy thirst-quencher and just can’t wait to finish the current one before dipping in to the next. Before you know it, there are six books on the go and I’m struggling to keep up!

I need to dive in to each new world immediately. Why can’t I be in six worlds at once?

Does anyone else suffer from this overwhelming appetite for books that they can’t keep up with? Please tell me I’m not suffering alone!

One thought on “R is for Reading

  1. You are not alone! One of the hazards of checking out more than two books from the library is that I read them in tandem, rather than sequentially. READ ALL THE BOOKS!

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

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