K is for Knee

It was a tough telephone call. I had been at University and away from home for just three days.

“Mum…..I’m in hospital”

Rewind a few hours and you’d see me dressed as a Gladiator (Think Wolf and Jet, not Russell Crowe) being completely ridiculous. It was Fresher’s Week after all. Stupidity is expected.

My new housemate Neil (incidentally gorgeous and possibly the most Geordie man you will ever meet) suggested we get involved with Bar Olympics. Keen to make new friends of these strangers and always up for a laugh, that sounded like a brilliant idea.

Bar Olympics: A pole covered in foam sits around 6ft off the bouncy-castled floor. Two students sit astride the pole and have giant cotton buds to whack the living daylights out of each other. Winner is the last one standing (sitting) on the pole. Or alternatively the one who doesn’t get whisked away in an Ambulance.

I thought I was a fairly strong girl. Boy do they make the fellas tough up North.

I took one blow to the side of my body and I went flying off the pole, landing awkwardly in a giggling heap on the bouncy castle.

I was unaware that I had dislocated my knee cap until I came to stand up and realised I couldn’t.

I cannot begin to describe how it feels to be stretchered away from a bouncy castle in front of an entire Student’s Union.

Yeah, I was that girl.

I had the pain of a dislocated knee cap (incidentally pretty ok if you’ve had vodka) plus the pain of calling my parents to tell them what had happened plus the pain of a lecture on responsible drinking from the Nurse taking care of me. It was all so very painful.

The sour-faced Nurse popped her head around the cubicle curtain, “Your friends are here to see you” she barked.

I had only been in Buckinghamshire for three days, I was sure she had made a mistake and had the wrong patient.

“I don’t have any friends here” I sobbed, feeling pretty sorry for myself.

But suddenly there they were, all nine of my new housemates with the biggest grins and hugs to share. I was certain I had made new friends for life.

I was on crutches for my entire first term, I got very good at dancing on them and was infamously known around campus as ‘That girl who fell off the bouncy castle’

What a way to make a first impression, eh?

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