F is for Fletcher


My name is Fletcher and because my mum is poorly today, I’m writing her blog for her.

This video cheered her up…..

My topic is Football

I love to play football with my friends and for my village club. I also love to watch football on the TV with my Grandad. I usually watch it down my Grandad’s house because he has a MAHOOOSIVE TV. My favourite team is Manchester United and I support England. I would support Wales but they are better at rugby than football. I have been to a few Welsh footy games but I haven’t seen them win!!!

I also love to play FIFA 13 on my xbox (I am EPIC)
If I was a manager, this would be my Dream Team Starting 11

GK: Joe Hart
RB: Glen Johnson CBs: Rio Ferdinand & Phill Jones LB: Patrice Evra
RM: Ashley Young CMs: Frank Lampard & Steven Gerrard LM: Cristiano Ronaldo
STs: Lionel Messi & Robin Van Persie

My dream is to go to Old Trafford to see Man Utd play

My mum says that we WILL go this year

2 thoughts on “F is for Fletcher

  1. Fantastic post! Hope to see your writing on other posts as well! 🙂
    That video is hysterical! Thank you so much for the laugh 🙂
    Heather the Evil Twin, visiting with love from the A-to-Z Challenge @ thewinetwins.blogspot.com

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